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Increase Efficiency Through Scheduling & Multi-Approval.

Manufacture - Plant Manager

Administration requires a quick process, especially when there are a large number of employees

Pain Point Occurred.

Scheduling Unorganize

Manufacturing companies are known for having many workers and a rotating shift schedule. This condition will make it challenging to manually arrange timetables

A Long Stage For Approval

Businesses that operate for more than nine hours per day generally use a shift system. Schedules are frequently switched between coworkers. It will be quite difficult if done manually

Solutions That We Provide.

Work Schedule

Work scheduling for a larger number of employees will be more efficient with an integrated system. A mobile app makes it simple for any employee to view their schedule in real time

Multi Approval

Processing annual leaves with an app is simple. The procedure will be simplified and shortened. Employees can receive approval from multiple superiors at once

Increase Efficiency With Simplicity.

GajiCermat, HR solution for small to large companies!

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