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Integrated Data Makes Payroll & Reporting Easier.

FMCG - Retailer

Using an integrated database will help you make the payroll process and report analysis easier than ever before

Pain Point Occurred.

Target & Salary Difference

Manufacturing companies are known for having many workers and a rotating shift schedule. This condition will make it challenging to manually arrange timetables

No Comprehensive Report

Businesses that operate for more than nine hours per day generally use a shift system. Schedules are frequently switched between coworkers. It will be quite difficult if done manually

Solutions That We Provide.

Customize Payroll

The customized payroll feature makes it simple to manage salary differences caused by different targets. Companies can organize data as needed

Analytics & Report

The integrated database makes it simple for companies to get a report. It will be visualized for simple processing and analysis to create a good plan

Increase Efficiency With Simplicity.

GajiCermat, HR solution for small to large companies!

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