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The Importance of Online Attendance & Scheduling.

F&B - Business Owner

Employee attendance and scheduling are required for the business owner to be well organized. Ensure that all processes are recorded using an automated system


Pain Point Occurred.

Lack of Monitoring Attendance

Businesses owners still using the manual method to recording attendance, but they are not always come to the restaurant, outlet, or store. It's made difficulties of employee monitoring

Scheduling Heavily Complex

Businesses that operate for more than nine hours per day generally use a shift system. Schedules are frequently switched between coworkers. It will be quite difficult if done manually

Solutions That We Provide.

Online Attendance

Owners can track their employees in real time via website without having to visit the store. The attendance record will be completed by the employee using an app on their smartphone

Work Schedule

The process of scheduling employees can be simple if done automatically. Manager can create schedule via website and schedule can be view directly by employees on the app

Increase Efficiency With Simplicity.

GajiCermat, HR solution for small to large companies!

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