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Field Reports Provided Easier & More Detail.

Outsource - Supervisor

Increase visibility in managing employee activities and reporting analysis based on integrated data


Pain Point Occurred.

No Comprehensive Report

The manual method of field reporting is an inefficient process. Employees must record their own attendance, which is then copied and reported as activity

Attendance Record in Office

Field workers frequently change where they work. If employees have to go to the office first to take manual absences, recording attendance becomes less efficient

Solutions That We Provide.

Integrated Data & Platform

Your data can be integrated with other products like GardaKu and RapiKu. Companies can easily track and organize staff activities in order to produce reports

Online Attendance

Employees who work in the field at different locations can record their attendance through the application. Meanwhile, companies can also track employee attendance directly

Increase Efficiency With Simplicity.

GajiCermat, HR solution for small to large companies!

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