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Healthcare Service Should Be Fast & Accurate.

Healthcare - Administrator

Digitalization is needed in healthcare services. Using an integrated system and valid database, the administration process can be made faster and more accurate

Pain Point Occurred.

Waiting Too Long For Approval

Some of the assignments and healthcare services need approval from some partners. If everything is done manually, it takes too long to get approval

Health Worker Were Not Onsite

The presence of health worker is critical for hospital operations. Sometimes, health workers are unavailable at the location during operating hours

Solutions That We Provide.

Multi Approval

Quick approval is needed so healthcare services can run more effectively. Through the multi approval feature, the process will be faster because some partners can give approval at the same time

Restriction Attendance

Health worker discipline is essential for providing quality service. Health staff can use this restriction attendance feature to record attendance based on the given task location

Increase Efficiency With Simplicity.

GajiCermat, HR solution for small to large companies!

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